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Bazaar Life in Mexico City

October 2013

By Gabriela San, Mexico City

The only reference for the latest in fashion, design and interior trends in Mexico City used to be found in chain stores, popular brands and shopping centers. Today, however, local art and design projects have birthed new options for both cosumers and producers. Local designers and brands have joined efforts to create alternative bazaars in Mexico City, offering their uniquely designed products for direct sale to consumers. Each one has its own proposal, with a different set of ideals and products to share and sell.

Bazár Fusion is one of the city’s most popular. Almost a decade old, it has been peddling innovative clothing, shoes, accessories, interior design ornaments and other kind of personal handcrafts for different uses. ArtMo, a local clothing brand, grew alongside the bazaar. Its friendly, colorful, timeless style changes with each season, offering something new to every type of consumer. They are also open to consumer feedback and suggestions about their work. Within the bazaar structure, personal relationships are build with the trader-type atmospher, facilitating  customization of objects, specific orders and tailored creations. Shoppers are pleased because they can be co-creators of their own future objects.

Lonja Mercantil is another popular market, specializing in the trade of exquisite furniture, jewelry and contemporary arts and crafts. It also offeres gourmet food, drinks and dancing. Here, small-sized brands have their chance to not only sell their creations but also access to a vibrant social setting where they can meet and greet with consumers and other producers. The result is often new projects and highly specialized goods. ONO light, one of the bazaar collaborators, offers a collection of unique lamps that play with light in a non-traditional format offering depth and atmopshere that is truly wonderful.

But not everything is about unique fashion and design. Sports activities are increasingly popular among Mexico City dwellers. Races promoted by all kinds of brands fill the streets almost every weekend, funded by big-name brands like Nike, Starbucks, Banamex, Nextel, GNC and Pepsi. Mexicans are suddenly embracing not only the health of the races, but also the concept of meeting personal challenges.

Crossfit is also becoming big in Mexico. More of a training regime than a sport, Crossfit is specialized and exclusive-- not everyone can do it. Its methodology hinges on private and semi-private instruction as no two people are the same, therefore they cannot exercise the same way either. Crossfit strongly speaks to the Mexican consumer who not only wants to embrace his individuality but also wants to keep up with the fashionably fit.  

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