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Branding the New Mexican Mother

February 2014

By Gabriela San, Mexico City

Day by day, the idea of a “new Mexican woman” is under construction, alongside her traditional role in society, which has greatly changed over the past few years. This segment is successful, enjoys financial independence and invests most of her time at work, often holding a leadership position. She’s not only busy working, but exercises, travels and attends cultural events such as art exhibitions and music concerts.

BANORTE, a Mexican financial group, has developed a solid base of products called “Mujer Banorte” targeted at the New Mexican Woman. It’s not just about offering debit cards and credit cards with specific and unique benefits, but instead mortgage, loans and insurances. The products are supported by advertising messages like "Be ready to have it all,” "Services for the modern woman,” and "Enjoy the reward of being a woman.”

Since childhood obesity has become one of the most serious public health problems in Mexico, the collective perception of an overweight child has totally changed. The junk food industry had to respond to the perception that their products are apparently damaging to people because of their lack of nutritional content. One solution was a subtle change in the content of cookies, snack cakes, chocolates, etc. Brands such as Hershey´s, Pronto and La Morisca decided to reduce the sugar content of their products and, in some cases, replaced it with sweeteners, emphasizing in brand communication that their products were low in fat and calories. The products are largely aspirational in their appeal, as consumers feel in control of their diet, nutrition and the choices they’re making with their purchases, even if in truth the products aren’t entirely healthy. 

Life in Mexico City is constantly in motion. The rush of the people in most of their activities, inside and outside their homes, is changing their needs as well as the way they consume food and beverages. A large proportion of the population does not have enough time to prepare their own daily meals, because they invest most of their time working and commuting. Products that appeal to an “on the go lifestyle,” while not exactly new to Mexico City, are certainly beginning to flood shelves.  One of the newest products to hit the shelves is canned tuna packaged with a fork, and some other popular varieties are packets of cooked rice, and cheese chunks with ham slices in small portions.

 Another interesting contribution to the change in food trends is that the traditional Mexican family is shrinking in size, and as a result people eat less and in different ways. Considering the circumstances, brands such as Dolores, Herdez, Sigma and Golden Hills are reinventing their formats and are providing more convenient products, pre-prepared, ready for consumption and with less volume. People consume the packaged portions at lunch, instead of leaving the office to buy a meal. They also make for an easy dinner both for young people living on their own, and for the new Mexican matriarch, who has less time these days to spend in the kitchen.

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