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Brilliant and Basic in SF

December 2013

By Anna Acquistapace, San Francisco

San Francisco certainly loves simple, smart design and I'm no different. So this holiday season, I've got my eye on two gifts that will make my life run a little smoother while also keeping me healthy and safe.

1. The sleek, modern silhouette of the Soma water filter is the perfect antidote to my clunky Brita water filter. The Soma pitcher is also glass, not plastic. Its filters are biodegradable and to top it all off, the company automatically sends you new filters every two months so you don't have to worry about when the last time you changed it was. The convenience of clean water never looked as good as it felt.

2. As a bike commuter, I know lights are essential for safety, especially when it starts getting dark earlier. Sparse bike lights are brilliant and elegant. They get fixed on to the bike like a spacer on the handle bars and bike seat, making them very difficult to steal. No more taking on and off lights every time you park on the street. And, they are rechargeable via USB which means no more worry about those dangerous nights without lights before I get around to picking up a new batteries.

3. Finally, one last thing I’d ask for has comfort and love sewed right. Folk Fiber quilts are artisanal, hand-quilted and made of fabric dyed using natural processes. The designer, Maura Grace Ambrose, is currently making one quilt for each of the 50 states. Not surprisingly, each one sells almost immediately. Their uniqueness warms the heart.

Drink of choice: My holiday drink is the organic Pok Pok Som drinking vinegar, made in Portland, OR. It’s a traditional tonic that’s good for the health in soda water or in a cocktail.

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