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Feeling Dynamic, Calm and Safe in Mexico City

November 2015

By Gabriela San, Mexico City

I just realized that we have reached the last 3 months of this year! So I have been thinking all about the new experiences in MX City and also about some brands that have surprised me in2015. 

First of all, I fully adopted soy beverages and almond milk, instead of cow’s milk.  All this began when I noticed that the cow milk industry is every time more questionable and less reliable; there are tons of web articles that make you doubt milk quality nowadays.  I used to know about some soy beverage brands, but I wasn't an active consumer, until I started to have digestive problems that forced me to start consuming lactose-free products.  Adults like me are not supposed to drink cow milk anymore, is what the doctors say.

Now my top brands are ADES Natural and Silk Almond Milk.  ADES have some convenient qualities such as more protein, calcium and a better flavor than the cow milk; it seems to taste like vanilla.  So it is perfect for adding it to my coffee and tea, like a touch of flavor.  It is also good for fruit shakes and I am planning to start to use it for cooking, for making soups and sauces.  In the case of almond milk, I really wanted to consume it before now, but it seemed to be an exclusive product and it wasn't easy to find it at every store.  Now it has better distribution and a more accessible price than before.  Then I started to use it for making desserts, because it has such a good flavor and “body” because is thicker that other milks.  When I have a glass of either soy beverage or almond milk, my intestine and me are happy and calm, no negative effects, no regrets.

I also want to feel calm and safe in this huge city, especially when I go back home after a long day working or partying.  That is why I started using UBER.  Even though UBER arrived in Mexico a couple of years ago, it took full force this current year.  In the context of a megalopolis that doesn't have an adequate urban mobility plan, a city where the public transportation is deficient and not enough for the 20 million people that live here, private driver services have become an excellent alternative.  It is different from a basic taxi because UBER arrives faster, I can pay with a card, they have new model vehicles and the drivers are kinder, because they have to be, is what UBER is selling.  I prefer to call UBER more than ever, since I have some friends that have become drivers of this service.  I also have noticed that there are many young people considering UBER as an employee choice.  And so, in some way, I also think that I am supporting them. 

These last months I discovered that getting dressed for busy days is easier than before.  I used to carry different clothes for all the activities of the day.  Some friends help me to discover clothing items that are making my life easier, one of them gave me a pair of LEVI'S boyfriend jeans.  Then I bought another pair, LOB brand by Privalia web shop.  These kinds of jeans are not just comfortable and with a bohemian style, but also very practical for changing from a casual outfit to a more formal one.  I just need to change the type of shoes, the tops or the accessories. 

I also found an exotic store called the Weird clothe & ware, they don’t have jeans but they have a wide range of patterned leggings and other interesting items.  This local shop sells clothes inspired on classic movies like Star Wars, Batman and other superheroes, comics and also some funny style patterns.  I bought one with skull ornaments and also a zombie style.  These kinds of clothing items are useful for going to school, to a meeting afterwards and then to having dinner, all depends on the way you combined them.  At the same time, it makes me feel more dynamic in the way I dress, that’s why I would like to get more clothes like these.

ADES soymilk: More protein, & flavor tastes of vanilla!
UBER Mexico City: Safer & kinder in the megalopolis
Weird: Makes me more dynamic in the way I dress

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