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Fits in a Box or Works as a Stocking!

December 2010

By Rachel Kaye, New York

What Do I Want For Christmas? Shoes! I won’t lie; my favorite gifts to give and receive are gifts that are a bit indulgent and something one wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. So for myself, what I want is a new pair of shoes (this would qualify as indulgent). I’ve had a lifelong romance with shoes; in fact my first sentence was “I got shoes!” Lately I’ve desired a simple pair of shoes that offer comfort, style and a bit of coziness. Growing tired of seeing endless feet covered in Uggs, I’ve longed to see something on the market with the qualities of our familiar fuzzy boots, but with a little more grace and a slimmer shape.

And I’ve found them. Handmade moccasins, made from recycled rubber (soles) and overstock leather, designed by Beatrice Valenzuela, made in Mexico by a master cobbler. They are the perfect shoes to take my dog out for a quick stroll, grab milk from the corner store, or wear on the plane. Beyond their slip-on charm, these shoes come from a thoughtful designer, whose goal is to make a shoe without any waste of materials. While these moccasins are $160, I feel they are worth every penny. Beatrice Valenzuela is a small company with a thoughtful product. I believe in the art of craft and I want to celebrate and support people who are making things that they love.

To be honest, I have all that I really need, so if I’m going to indulge this holiday season I want only the best (moccasins in this case).

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