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GlobalHoliday WishList

December 2012

By Global Correspondents

Happy Holidays from our Global Correspondents! See what products and experiences we hope to take into the new year:

Milan, Italy
A jewelry piece from emerging artist Morgana Orseta Ghini. She creates delightful jewels with an energetic approach to femininity and female power. -Claudia Franco

Paris, France
Michael Kors Ombre winter coat with fox collar, because an ostentatious fox collar earns you style points in Paris (unlike splashed with paint in my native San Francisco). It’s the chocolate éclair of winter coats-- pure indulgence. -Stephanie Wells

Tokyo, Japan
Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise-Canceling headphones. They are the best for traveling, and for totally zoning out from motherhood into music for a couple of minutes a day! -Carmela Fleury-Fougstedt

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sarah Chofakian's shoes. They have a vintage look, a style I adore, they’re handmade and the most comfortable heels ever. -Glaucia Holzmann

Beijing, China
The Xiaomi Phone 2 has a new sleek design, quad processor, animations and stunning photos. It's a Chinese phone that encompasses the best features from different smartphone models, perfects them and sells for less than half the price of other brands. So why not get two? -Noch Noch Li

Los Angeles, USA
SUP (Stand up Paddle Boarding) is a growing trend in LA beach towns. People stand on their board and slowly paddle on the calm sea. It looks so zen and it is supposed to be great for your core. There are always flash sales for lessons, so I will definitely try it out! -Wendy Dembo

Moscow, Russia
Avalanche transceiver “beepers” are required for off-piste skiing, and Ortovox 3+ is my choice! It uses one standard AA battery, is small in size, and comes in a lovely apple green color option. -Maria Petrova

Bangalore, India
A gift hamper from basket from Nature’s Basket would be a welcome change from the overdose of festive sweets! -Reshma Bachwani

New York, USA
The Nelson Swag Leg Desk is an affordable piece of Herman Miller design history, matches my Eames chairs and its compact body works perfectly in NYC-sized living spaces. 

Berlin, Germany
I can throw the M2 Micro Projector, in a purse and project a movie basically anywhere that has some white space. -Ariston Anderson

London, England
The Jambox is a wireless speaker system-- very compact, portable, with 3D sound and comes in various colors. You can connect it to the TV, a laptop or iPad, or use it as a speakerphone. But inevitably at Christmas, it’ll provide the soundtrack to my Mum’s disco-dancing. -Quentin Clarke

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