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December 2011

By Alexander von Mollard, Berlin,Delhi,Hong Kong

Admittedly, I’m a huge friend of home appliances. However, during a stint working from home this year, I became especially susceptible to a distraction called “home improvement.” Not only did I purchase my first Flat Screen TV ever, but I also gave in and bought the newest MacBook laptop—a move that was long overdue, especially since the machine is such an essential professional tool. Intrigued by the idea of merely pressing buttons to command my much-needed caffeine dose in the morning, I also invested in a Nespresso machine to upgrade my kitchen appliances.

But my addiction to appliances hasn’t stopped there; as years have passed, I can now call myself the proud owner of such highly-disputed “must-have gadgets” like a bread-maker, a hot dog machine, a soda streamer, and even an ice cube machine! Since Christmas is the perfect excuse to expand my collection, I’m hoping Santa will leave the Brita Yource under my tree. The brilliant gadget fulfills two tasks: on the one hand, it works as a regular water filter; its additional benefit is that it also softens and flavors your water! It comes with flavor capsules including apple and guava that can be added to the soft, purified water that magically filters into a very massive glass flask. In addition to the fact that it makes for a really good bottled-water alternative throughout the day, I also appreciate the functional design of the machine itself as it resembles a water-based table lamp, of sorts. I think it might also figure well elsewhere in my apartment—a huge advantage, given the relatively small size of my kitchen.

Spending quality time with friends in a more “entertaining” environment would also feature on my holiday wish-list. Tickets to the newly opened Wii-Lounge, “Play Berlin,” at Alexanderplatz, would therefore be a very welcome gift. You can rent your own lounge, sip cheap cocktails, play the latest games, sing along to Karaoke tunes, or just simply enjoy the view over Berlin’s most vivid square. Needless to say, Play Berlin is in high-demand and is probably all booked up over the holidays as many companies are renting it for their Christmas parties.

Hong Kong

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