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LA Style Editor loves Natural Beauty

September 2014

By Stephanie Wells, Los Angeles

BioLeonora  is a resident of Silver Lake, Los Angeles. She is a Senior Editor at, and the co-author of X vs. Y: A Culture War, a Love Story, a pop culture book exploring the differences and similarities between Gen X and Gen Y.  Find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Q1. Where are your favorite spots in LA to eat and drink? What makes them special?

A1: I live in Silver Lake, so I stick to the east side. My favorite restaurant is Speranza, an Italian place hidden behind these plastic curtains and trees; you could walk by it a million times and never know it's there. The food is very reasonably priced and very fresh. For brunch, there's Sqril on Virgil, which has the most amazing brioche toast. The problem is that it's become SO popular that getting a table usually requires standing in a long line on a Saturday. L&E Oyster Bar for wine and small plates, but mainly because it's just a very comfortable place that's not super fancy but also not quite casual to meet friends.

Q2: What dream vehicle would you drive, if you're not driving it already? Why is this specific to LA?

A2: If I were buying a new car, I'd probably look at a Prius first. They are so ubiquitous in LA, but they also seem practical. But if we're talking aesthetics, Volvo makes a hatchback I think is nice — sold for a limited time only - the C30.

Q3: Do you have a signature perfume or beauty product (makeup, hair, etc.)?

A3: My signature perfume is Blanche by Byredo, which I think is what is categorized as a "skin scent." It's clean and subtle. I first came across the brand/scent at Liberty in London, but I've seen Byredo popping up in the States a lot. Sunscreen is probably the most important beauty product. My favorite is Josie Maran's Argan Oil one. I also recently switched to a natural deodorant. It took a while to find a good one, but Soapwalla has proved very effective. I've been trying to go more natural with my beauty products — I could spend hours picking through the beauty aisle at Lassen's or Whole Foods.

Q4: What articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories can you not be without in LA? What's your pick of the moment and where did you find it?

A4: Sunglasses are pretty necessary, especially with driving. Lightweight jackets come in handy as well (in any time other than summer). My pick of the moment …well, I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect leather motorcycle jacket, but it can't be too heavy (again, LA weather). I haven't found anything (affordable) yet, but I check in online with Acne, Steven Alan, The Outnet, or Veda. Other than that, I recently bought two black maxi skirts from Asos (one a dressier pleated one, another a simple jersey) and I've worn them both a lot. Also on the lookout for non-preppy, not-too-nautical striped items.



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