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Pratical, Yet Fancy in China

December 2013

By Sharon Li, Shanghai

While the affluent Chinese are seeking something unique and customised, Apple still reigns king amongst the mass gift-buyers, and all Chinese citizens are forced to consider environmental concerns during the holidays.

1. Apple's products have been the number-one gift option for the Chinese in recent years, and they’re highly desired as both personal and corporate gifts. The latest release of iPad Air stirred another hype for both online and offline purchase, including my 57-year-old mum who has just received an iPad Air as a gift from my dad last week. I've seen the elderly and young children alike engage with the iPad in Shanghai, as it is so easy to operate, and it can quickly engage the audiences for a long time.

2. Water contamination remains in the top-three environmental problems in China. I've been buying bottled water for years, and lately I've heard scandal that bottled water quality is actually worse than tap water in China. I think it's time to install a water purifier at home and do it myself! And it has to be an imported product from reliable brand like the 3M Water Purifier.

3. As much as I would love a complete tailor-made couture from Christian Dior, I know it’s a far reach. The designated supplier for Miss China 2012, eDressit, brought high-end and, advanced fashion customisation to China. Emphaizing personality and unique design, they specialize in evening and wedding dresses. Though I already had my wedding, I'd still love a piece of tailor-made evening dress for the upcoming X-mas party!

Drink of choice: As Christmas is a Western holiday concept, traditionally there's no holiday beverage in China. Fortunately Shanghai is such a cosmopolitan city that the locals are influenced by foreign marketing. I personally enjoy Starbucks’ series that stirs those festive feelings: the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha, Toffee Nut Latte and Peppermint Signature Chocolate coffees.

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