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Smiling Bright in Moscow

May 2014

By Maria Petrova, Moscow

With spring finally arriving in Moscow, it becomes more and more difficult to book appointments for personal beauty treatments. Manicurists, dentists and personal trainers all suddenly become very busy. Russians are getting ready for summer, and are prepared to pay extra for top professionals and popular cosmetic rituals. The concept of cheap and quick hardly exists in Moscow.  There are places where appointments are not necessary, but still be prepared to wait and pay at least a regular price.

Beautiful smiles are a priority for those looking to create a stylish and healthy look. Various cosmetic treatments for teeth are becoming more available; however, nothing can beat the Air Flow cleaning system and Zoom teeth whitening systems. These are the most in-demand treatments, and many of the beauty-conscious women of Moscow agree. When I asked my dentist if laser whitening was safer than Zoom, he, who had tried everything himself, says that Zoom is still the most safe and popular option, and when done by professional runs no risk of damaging teeth. It's also much more affordable. What’s more is that visible and beautiful results in couple of hours.

Zoom treatments in Russia start from USD 450 in regional dental clinics and increase in price in the larger cities. The number of Russian adults wearing braces is also growing. “It looks like half of the journalists in my newspaper got braces,” said a friend recently. To preserve the results of whitenings, cleanings and to take care of braces, dentists recommend water flossing systems, such as Waterpik.  Such devices should be used by everyone, not just those with braces and retainers, he says. With additional promotion, the demand for water flossers expects to grow, he added.

With warm weather, nails, not anymore hidden by gloves and shoes, are another spring concern, especially for the ladies. The demand for manicures and pedicures is so high, that my manicurist did not open the door when I arrived late, saying she took another client instead! Among the new trends in nail beauty is Vinylux polish, made by the shellac producer CND. A safer option than shellac, it lasts up to seven days without chipping but, unlike shellac, can be easily removed at home.

When it comes to beauty, Muscovites definitely frown upon quick fixes and instead invest in expensive, luxurious treatments with longer-term results.

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The Air-Flow dental cleaning system, popular with Russian dentists
The Zoom dental whitening system, safe, affordable and popular in Moscow
Long-lasting vinylux shellac, a popular luxury beauty treatment with Moscow women

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