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Supper Club: The New Fine Dining Experience

February 2011

By Rachel Kaye, New York

So often the experience of dining can be frustrating. You wait for a long time and upon sitting you are being rushed to order, eat, and leave. Even when the food is really good, the environment can still leave you unsatisfied and with an empty wallet. A Supper Club is the exact opposite experience. Once you arrive, it is an intimate affair, where one can sit back and enjoy the highest quality of food that is worth every penny.

For the last three years, brother-sister team, Kari and Tyler Morris have hosted a monthly Supper Club, producing incredible, thoughtful meals from their apartment in Brooklyn. For forty dollars, one can dine on a five-course feast with cocktails and wine pairings. In the past they’ve prepared cassoulet, sweet corn ravioli, pork terrines and the list goes on. The ingredients are sourced from local Farmers' Markets and butcher shops. No detail is left unturned in this kitchen. Even the guests are carefully selected to create a dynamic group of friends and strangers. What is so wonderful about Supper Club to Kari is “seeing people connect and relationships form.” Personally, knowing that I’m putting money towards talented friends with big food dreams feels like the ultimate way to spend an evening.

That said, dreams are coming alive in the Morris Kitchen. In the last year, they launched their first product, Ginger Syrup. Selling in gourmet markets across New York City, this simple syrup can be used in cocktails, cookies and chicken dishes. For recipes visit:

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