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The Sweet Smell of Green

March 2011

By Rachel Kaye, New York

As I file through my cabinets, trying to remember why I bought this brand of dish soap or face cream, I am reminded of the one product I carry with me and use throughout the day. It’s my LuLu Organics lip balm. LuLu Organics makes only two products: lip balm and dry shampoo. These products are made with less than ten ingredients each and the scents are feminine and refreshing. The packaging is beautiful, with a design nod to Art Nouveau. Initially I tried the products because I met the owner a few years back, but I quickly became addicted and they seamlessly became part of my beauty regiment.

The charm of LuLu Organics lies not only in the natural products and beautiful packaging, but also in where they choose to sell their products. Opting to sell in small boutique shops, like Honey in the Rough on the Lower East Side and eco-conscious salons like The Parlour in Brooklyn, LuLu Organics looks at all the other merchandise sold to make sure they are alongside products that have the same philosophy. LuLu Organics can be found alongside handmade soap, organic towels, potted plants and wooden toothbrushes, bringing together carefully curated products that are good for the environment, while still maintaining high quality design and a warm welcoming environment.

In this day and age, we cannot ignore that what we put on our body gets washed away, ending up in our ocean or back into the earth. LuLu Organics is a reminder that eco-body care can also be chic and cool.

New York

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