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'Tis the Season to Shop (and Sip) Responsibly in NYC

December 2013

By Mary Cunningham, New York

In a city where the options to spend are limitless, sometimes it’s best to think minimally during the holidays.

1. Starting with a gift for myself, I hope Santa brings a beautiful leather tote by Edgar et Leon, made with love and care by skilled artisans in a workshop outside Paris. Quality endures any trend, and the current consumer penchant for sweatshop-free goods makes this collection a gift rooted in much more than a fad.

2. Bring on green smoothies! From the Wall Street Journal to almost every health coach, everyone wants to talk about what mix of veggies, fruits and nuts are Americans are drinking or pulverizing in their kitchen. Green smoothies deliver on health benefits beyond the vitamin-filled goodness that cold-pressed juicing provides. Vitamix is  a dream machine, because unlike juicers, it retains the fiber from while liquefying raw foods.  It’s not cheap, but it gets the veggies into drinkable form.

3. As a meditation guide and a event host, my holiday season schedule is busy, and this crepe de chine top by CCH Collection is on the list, because it perfectly achieves the balance of casual formal wear and formal casual wear. Multi-functional clothing is a trend I embrace, as it both cuts down on items to pack for holiday travel and overall consumerism. Save the world and closet space, all at once!

Drink of Choice: Kombucha, the healthy alternative for holiday bubbles, strikes a chord with DIYers who opt to homebrew this bacterial goodness. Kits from Kombucha Brooklyn are great for beginners and brewmasters alike. The concoction of bacteria and yeast produces a potent elixir that is said to detoxify, boost immunity and aid digestion.  My body will be the better for it this holiday season.

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