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Weihnachtsmarkt-Free Berlin

December 2013

By A.L. Kruse, Berlin

Germany is famous for its markets, and Christmas is high-season for glühwein-slinging Berliners. Bypassing the madness and getting a little space for myself is important.

1. Zeitgeist, the latest perfume from Berlin niche fragrance company, J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin. J.F. Schwarzlose was a famous 19th century Berlin perfume manufacturer with clients all over the world, including Pu Yi, the last Chinese emperor. Schwarzlose’s fragrance business was discontinued in the 1970s, but in 2012 the label was rejuvenated by three young perfumers. Unusual, edgy fragrances with a premium price point (Euro 125 for 50ml) and limited distribution.

2. A gift certificate for Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann, one of the city’s best-known bookstores and a true Berlin institution since 1997. The store has Berlin’s biggest selection of English language books, a stupendous choice of CDs from any genre and opens until midnight on weekdays. There are free concerts, book signings and readings in the basement restaurant. Despite the market might of e-books and Amazon, this stationary bookstore remains successful thanks to a strong and varied retail concept.

3. A free lifetime entry ticket for Babylon Mitte Cinema. An independent cinema founded in 1929, Babylon is dedicated to European and international art house, silent movies, readings and off-beat international film festivals. It is also the only Berlin cinema with a historic (and working) cinema organ. One of the most original movie theaters in the city, it has a loyal fan base and is one of the official Berlinale film festival theaters.

Drink of choice: One-hundred-percent natural and distilled right here in Berlin, Michelberger 45 is a spirit based on an old German recipe for herbal schnapps made from a mix of anise, juniper, orris root, sage, fennel, bee balm, lemon peel, peppermint, cardamom, thyme, coriander, caraway and juniper, with an alcohol volume of 45%.

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Michelberger 45, distilled in Berlin
The famous and relaxing Plant Wall at Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann
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