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Yogis & Buffs: Building Mexico City Fitness

May 2014

By Gabriela San, Mexico City

Both online and in real time, communities have never before been so important or popular in Mexico, and health and beauty are no exception.  These conscientious communities build not just their bodies, but also their identities and lifestyles.

There are two major groups within Mexican fitness communities. The first seeks a trinity of healthy mind, body and soul, practicing yoga and Pilates. In this world, participants are thin and toned through stretching, slow activity and their accompanying lifestyles are often all-organic, vegetable-focused and cruelty-free. Their diets are low in fat and sugar, and they tend to wear light clothes with soft colors. Accesories can be bought online at outfitters like Flow Yoga, where the popular brand Manduka is sold, or in temporary bazars, like Bazarbuena Vibra, or stores, like La Cueva del Yogui, which has its own private apparel label. Classes are sometimes held in gyms, though this demographic prefers to get healthy outdoors.

The second group is about muscle tone and rugged athleticism. Through high-performance disciplines, like Crossfit and Fitness Elite, a new athlete is developing with new body awareness. They have created communities, like TMF (The Muscle Factory) and Wonderland, and congregate in training spaces where they can do their physical activities, as well as benefit from other services such as nutrition counseling a relaxing spa-and-beauty salon. They also practice outdoors, and participate in tours and races.

Diet is the 80% of the training for group two. Eating protein and carbohydrates is essential, but not enough, as supplements are a cornerstone of this Mexican fitness demographic. Products like Super Pump, nitric oxide and Isopure, a skimmed-milk powder, are a few options in a sea of many. But supplements are just the first step of the regime. The next level includes chemical products– anabolic amplifiers, like Myotest, and hydroxycitric acid products, such as Hydroxycut Hardcore– to improve performance and garner optimal physical results. There is a sense of collectivity in their identity, and they remain connected via  different social networks, such as Reto Vikingo, Spartan Race Mexico and Lady Intensive Fitness Training.

To build attractive bodies, it’s also important to tend to skin, hair and oral health. Beyond keeping germs at bay and faces blemish-free, the idea is to look perfect. Moist, perfect, shiny skin and a cool hairstyle with super white teeth make all demographics feel the most beautiful. Oral B Whitestrips and Colgate Luminous White Advanced promote their “whitening products” and have presence in trendy sports magazines and bazars.

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Soya products are a popular milk subistute for both the body-bulding and gentle exercise group alike

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